Honda NSX


  • European NSX
  • 100% Factory paint
  • Detailled service history
  • Top quality

Honda’s NSX started as an experiment, but grew into something much more and even inspired other legendary cars such as the McLaren F1. The combination of a timeless, elegant design from legendary design studio Pininfarina, Honda’s own advanced engine technology development team and the helping hand of Formula 1 legend Aryton Senna, ensured that the NSX was guaranteed to be a success. It was a car that redefined what the world thought of the Japanese car industry and forced the Europeans to up their game.

In 1989, Honda unveiled the first generation of the NSX at the Chicago Auto Show and a few months later at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Honda NSX was the first production car with an all-aluminium body, featuring a revolutionary extruded aluminum alloy frame and suspension components. The benefit of this was that Honda saved almost 200kg of weight compared to an equivalent steel body, with the aluminum wishbones alone saving 20kg. Other features included an independent 4-channel anti-lock braking system, an electric power steering system, titanium connecting rods in the engine for high-speed operation up to 8,300 rpm, Honda’s VTEC system and the first electronic throttle control to be fitted to the engine.

Honda made extensive use of its motorsport division and the developments they had implemented there for the NSX. The stiffness of the car’s chassis and handling were the result of Japanese Formula 1 driver Satoru Nakajima and Aryton Senna’s collaboration with the NSX team.

Our NSX was delivered new to its first and only Austrian owner on December 16, 1991. This man took care of the car maniacally and had the car serviced at Honda almost every year, so that the mileage was recorded in great detail:

  • 07/04/1993 – 9.243 km
  • 14/04/1997 – 15.980 km
  • 30/03/1998 – 17.403 km
  • 29/02/2000 – 19.894 km
  • 03/04/2001 – 21.186 km
  • 12/03/2003 – 22.789 km
  • 14/03/2004 – 23.738 km
  • 14/03/2005 – 24.494 km
  • 14/03/2005 – 24.494 km
  • 01/04/2006 – 24.800 km
  • 03/04/2007 – 25.300 km
  • 31/03/2009 – 26.340 km
  • 10/05/2010 – 27.314 km
  • 16/03/2011 – 27.570 km
  • 05/03/2013 – 28.427 km
  • 19/03/2014 – 28.607 km
  • 09/03/2015 – 29.097 km
  • 07/07/2022 – 29.432 km

In addition to the maintenance booklet, there are many invoices with the car, as well as the last invoice of 2022 for a major maintenance, including timing belt.

The car not only looks like new, but also smells new! The paint is completely original from the factory.

It goes without saying that a European NSX in this quality and with this documentation is extremely rare! Grab the opportunity to become the custodian of this piece of automotive history, co-created by the F1 legend Ayrton Senna!

  • Year1991
  • BrandHonda
  • ModelNSX
  • BodyCoupe
  • Mileage29.734 km (18.475 mi)
  • Power273 hp (201 kW)
  • Cylinder capacity2.977 L
  • SteeringLeft
  • TransmissionManual
  • DriveRear wheel drive
  • Interior colorZwart
  • Interior materialLeder
  • Exterior colorRood
  • ConditionPerfect
  • Ready to driveYes