Honda Motocompo (White)


  • Original, unrestored
  • Original decals
  • Working

The Motocompo is the smallest scooter Honda ever made. Which is no accident, because what you’re looking at is a bike designed specifically to fold up and squeeze into the boot of a car.

The car it was designed as an accessory to was also a tiddler, the Honda City hatchback which is essentially an ancestor of today’s Honda Jazz. Thus the ‘Compo’ had to be really small, and folded up, it’s 118cm by 54cm and sits held in place by a couple of simple harnesses in the back of the City II Turbo as snugly as a plastic toy inside a Kinder Egg.

Production lasted just two years, with sales between 1981 and 1983 just tipping over 50.000.