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The term "information" is hereinafter understood to mean the following: all possible data, knowledge and information, provided in whatever manner and in whatever form, including images, graphic elements, products, services, lay-out, software, music, sound, photographs, etc. This description is not exhaustive and also includes all possible other items.


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  • The distribution, sale, reproduction, publication, processing, modification, translation or use for commercial purposes of all possible information, be it digital, on paper or in any other format, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of Wouter Van den Avont.
  • Some names, symbols, brands or logos which appear on the website or the sites of its content providers are registered and consequently protected trademarks.


The use of remains limited to personal and non-commercial ends. Any commercialising of the information provided, in whatever manner, is strictly prohibited.

ARTICLE 5: LIMITED LIABILITY strives to make all information as reliable as possible, and endeavours to check its sources as carefully as possible, as well as to keep the data as up-to-date as possible. Despite its efforts, cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • the accuracy, completeness or appropriateness of the information made available to users on, even if this has serious consequences, and even if people have been informed in the meantime;
  • the positive outcome of any tips and/or advice given via or of its content providers;
  • any direct, indirect or incidental damage or any other damage resulting from or connected to the use of the website or the impossibility of using it. In particular, Wouter Van den Avont cannot be held responsible for damage suffered as a consequence of a loss of use or a loss of data obtained via or its content providers;
  • disruptions, errors or interruptions in the electronic publications of and those of its content providers;
  • violations committed by third parties via the services and information provided on or its content providers.

The above list is not exhaustive and extends to all matters for which can potentially be held liable. If you are not in agreement with the present terms of use, your only recourse is not to use the website


For the convenience of its users, provides hyperlinks which are managed by third parties. These are checked as thoroughly as possible before they are linked to However, cannot be held responsible for their content or availability, or for any damage resulting from their use.


By making use of the website users undertake not to use this site for illegal or unauthorised purposes under any circumstances. For example, users undertake:

  • to respect all intellectual rights, both those of Wouter Van den Avont and those of third parties;
  • to respect all human rights, in particular the right to privacy;
  • to refrain from uploading or downloading information which is illegal, harmful, racist, obscene, sexist or reprehensible for any other reason;
  • to refrain from any unauthorised publicity or advertising;
  • not to upload any files containing viruses, corrupt files or any other similar software or programmes capable of damaging the functioning of another computer;
  • not to send or post any unsolicited messages;
  • to refrain from breaking into, damaging or hacking the system of or of any other system accessible via the internet;
  • not to violate national or international laws.

ARTICLE 8: RESTRICTED ACCESS reserves the right to refuse any user access to all or part of this website, and of the linked sites, unilaterally and without prior notification, for whatever reason.

ARTICLE 9: ALTERATIONS TO THE PRESENT CONDITIONS AND PROVISIONS reserves the right to modify the conditions, provisions and warnings by virtue of which this website is provided to users. As a consequence, users are obliged to read the general terms of use each time they visit the site.


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